British Mushrooming Links

Roger’s Mushrooms Roger Phillips wrote the great mushrooming book, ‘Mushrooms and other fungi of Great Britain and Europe’ and this is his web site. Some great photos and a forum (of sorts).

Wild About Britain The mushroom section of his site has a wide range of resources, including an up to date forum and an excellent photo gallery. Obviously, this site is focused on British fungi.

Peter Jordan’s Website Peter is the author of my first mushrooming book – the one that got me hooked. This is a great site and the inspiration for

Mushrooming without fear A beautifully designed site, not very large but real eye-candy. It is a British site and largely serves to promote the book of the same name by Alexander Schwab.

UK Safari Describes itself as… A Website for Anyone Interested in the Wildlife and Countryside of Britain. It has free membership which entitles you to a free nature newsletter which helps you to keep up to date with the wildlife around you and what’s happening in the UK countryside.

Mrs Tee’s Wild Mushrooms Brigitte Tee has been collecting and selling mushrooms in the New Forest for nearly 30 years and is the UK leading expert on edible mushrooms. This is her site.

Fungi To Be With Each, spring, summer and autumn ‘fungi to be with’ arrange mushroom forays into some of London’s parks and woodlands as well trips out of London into Surrey and Hampshire. This their site.

Cab’s Wild Food Page A U.K. site built around pictures Cab takes of wild mushrooms, fruits, vegetables and recipies.

Wild Mushrooms Online An excellent British Mushrooming site. It has a very useful guide to what maushrooms are available throughout the year.

Fungus.Org.Uk A collection of links to UK Fungus focused groups and societies.

Gourmet Fungi & Wild Food Specialist A mushrooming blog from a supplier of Gourmet Fundi and Wild Foods. He also organises forays.

John’s Fungi John Wright runs Forays in Somerset (some from The River Cottage) and this is his site. John co-created the River Cottage Mushroom DVD with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Leif Goodwin’s website Leif photographs Fungi and Dragonflies. A good range of quality mushroom photographs.

Name That Mushroom Laura’s Mushrooming Blog.

Mycologue A London based supplier of Mushrooming accessories. They are happy to export.

American Mushrooming Links A very comprehensive site, although very focused on mushrooming in California. There is a great recipies section and an extensive list of links.

American David W. Fischer is the coauthor of two major books on mushrooms : Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America: A Field-to-kitchen Guide (1992, Univ. of Texas Press) and Mushrooms of Northeastern North America (1997, Syracuse University Press).

Bill Russell Wild Mushroom The site of the author of The Field Guide to the Wild Mushrooms of Pennsylvania. A well laid out and very detailed mushrooming site. A Colorado based mushroomer’s website with loads of good pics and information. A fairly recent mushrooming blog.

FungiFest An American web based mushrooming magazine.

Fungus For Fun An American mushrooming site with a good, active forum.

American Mushroom Hunter The site of an importer/exporter of fine mushrooms – much content of use to mushroomer, though.

Mushroom Recipe Links

Mushroom Recipes A nice clean site with some good tasty recipes. I shall be taking their Blewitt recipe and making it my own!

Cooking with Mushrooms Another simple site with some good ideas. Very tasty. Also has a mushrooom lover’s club you can join.

Epicurean!!! I’m loathe to point anyone in Epicurean’s direction. I just know how many hours I waste (sorry, spend) here but, they are the best! A delicious site! Just be strong and resist the temptation to browse! A general foodies website but with a very good section on mushroom recipes (and some photos, as well).

Mushroom Image Links

Fungi images on the net I’m not too keen on the layout and design of this site but it does serve as an enormous repository of fungi images that can be found on the internet. This site must have taken it’s owner/designer hours and hours to generate. Many of the images that I have used on this site come from the wonderful (and very generous) Thomas Laessoe and Jens H. Petersen from the University of Aarhus in Denmark. They agreed to allow me to post their images on this site as long as I mentioned where those images came from.

Thus, wherever I use one of their images, I’ll indicate the provenance of the image – you’ll probably be able to tell, anyway; Thomas and Jens are far better photographers (and mushroom experts) than I’ll ever be.

If anyone is interested in higher resolution mushroom images (I’ve only used the low-resolution ones), Thomas and Jens sell a CD detailing 2,200 species illustrated by 3,600 pictures with more than 14,000 references to literature. I believe that it costs 49 euros – now that’s got to be the bargain of the century!

Jens H. Petersen’s fungal photographs Some beautiful and artistic fungal images from Jens H. Petersen.

David Work Mushroom Photography A series of galleries of commercial mushroom images – some are truly stunning!.

TrekNature – Fungi The underlying theme of TrekNature is learning more about the world through nature photography. TrekNature fosters this by allowing photographers to display their work grouped by regions in a supportive and orderly environment. This is accomplished by an easy-to-use system which encourages people to critique each other’s work. Integrated with this system are forums designed to encourage discussion about specific photos, countries, and general topics.

WikiMedia Commons – Fungi Wikimedia Commons is a media repository that is created and maintained not by paid-for artists, but by volunteers. It provides a central repository for freely licensed photographs, diagrams, animations, music, spoken text, video clips, and media of all sorts that are useful for any Wikimedia project. This is their Fungi section.

Visual Fungi A Sussex (U.K.) based website with a wide range of fungal images.

Die Blatterpilze The original plates from Die Blatterpilze (Agaricaceae) (1915) by Adalbert Ricken.

Mushroom Observer A database of mushroom images available under one of the Creative Commons licenses. Taylor Lockwood’s commercial mushroom photography site. 71,000 mushrooming photos on this searchable site.

All the best

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Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceMushrooms: River Cottage Handbook No.1

This River Cottage Handbook, `Mushrooms’ by John Wright, is a genuinely funny and hugely informative guide to mushroom and toadstools with some useful cooking tips and recipes too. (Some are even simple enough to try!)

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceMushrooms

Quite simply – this is the best book of its kind – superb descriptions and pictures – the only book required to correctly identify mushrooms in the UK.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceThe Easy Edible Mushroom Guide

Wild mushrooms can be difficult to identify, and many poisonous species look similar to edible ones. An identification guide must therefore leave nothing to doubt, and this book uses both photographs and drawings to present all the essential details

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceCollins Gem – Mushrooms

This handy, practical guide offers a quick way for beginners to identify mushrooms and toadstools Collins Gem Mushrooms describes almost 240 species of mushrooms and toadstools to be commonly found in Britain. Portable and clear, it is the ideal guide for those out foraging for fungi!

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceField Guide to Mushrooms

This handy pocket-sized guide provides quick, accurate and easy identification of over 200 European fungi species. Identifying colours and symbols, it classifies the species according to shape. It contains 320 colour photos that show each species with its characteristic features in its natural habitat. It also features 320 graphics that highlight the typical identifying features of each species, and a calendar wheel, which helps identify the time of year when each species can be found.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceCollins Complete British Mushrooms and Toadstools

Collins Complete Guide to British Muchrooms and Toadstools allows everyone to identify mushrooms found in Britain and Ireland. The book is illustrated with beautiful photographs throughout, featuring the species you are most likely to see. By only covering Britain and Ireland, fewer species are included than in many broader European guides, making it quicker and easier for the reader to accurately identify what they have found.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceComplete Mushroom Book

There are not many people who have been collecting, cooking and devising recipes for mushrooms for over 60 years, but Antonio Carluccio is one. Known as the ‘mushroom man’, Carluccio’s Neal Street Restaurant in London’s Covent Garden is a mecca for mushroom and truffle lovers from all over the world. Carluccio’s expertise is unrivalled and this book, with over 100 recipes that make the most of readily available mushrooms in dishes ranging from classic to contemporary via oriental and Eastern European, will not disappoint.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceHow to Identify Edible Mushrooms

Fully illustrated throughout, this practical guide to identifying edible mushrooms gives you all the details you need to enjoy the adventure of locating and collecting wild mushrooms. The book features all edible species of mushroom, together with those with which they may be confused. Organised by habitat for easy reference, it is beautifully illustrated and includes the best ways to cook and eat the mushrooms you collect.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceMushroom Hunting

This one-stop practical guide will show you how to identify, pick and cook edible mushrooms. To make your progress easier, it comes in a handy format with colour photos and expert advice throughout. From identifying and picking edible mushrooms to growing your own mushrooms, from recipes for seasonal dishes to important information on poisonous species, this book provides all the helpful information you need to relish the exhilarating experience of collecting wild mushrooms.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceThe Encyclopedia of Fungi of Britain and Europe

This is the most comprehensive photographic handbook for the dedicated mycologist, general naturalist or mushroom hunter collecting for the cooking pot. It features 1,000 species of higher fungi found in the British Isles and northern Europe, from the most common to the rarest – including some never hitherto published photographically.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceThe Mushroom Feast

‘When all’s said and written, there’s nothing better than field mushrooms that you have gathered yourself, on toast, for breakfast.’ Jane Grigson, The Mushroom Feast The Mushroom Feast is an indispensable classic for all those who love mushrooms. It is a fine, timeless, literary cookbook. Truffles…ceps…morels, they all conjure visions of one of the most intriguing and subtle of all gastronomic treats.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceMushroom Pickers Foolproof Field Guide

Discover the delicacies that hide in your garden, local woodlands or fields with this fully-illustrated A-Z guide. Learn the identifying features and habits of the most popular edible mushrooms, and try the suggestions for storing and cooking your bounty. Also included is a section on inedible mushrooms, clearly illustrating the poisonous species that you are most likely to come across.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceThe Complete Mushroom Hunter

Gathering edible wild food is a wonderful way to forge a connection to the earth. Mushrooms are the ultimate local food source; they grow literally everywhere, from Central Park to your own backyard. The Complete Mushroom Hunter invites readers to connect with a hobby that will enrich their understanding of the natural world and build an appreciation for an ancient, but relevant, body of knowledge.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceCollins Mushroom Miscellany

Mushroom collecting is becoming increasingly popular, and while a comprehensive identification guide is essential, the folklore, facts and fables, recipes and stories that have accumulated since ancient times create part of the charm of these strange organisms. Oddly, these facts have never been compiled in one book.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceField Guide Edible Mushrooms of Britain and Europe

The fields, woods and gardens of Britain and Europe are home to a wide range of edible mushrooms, a number of which are not simply good but truly excellent to eat. This book is a practical, user-friendly guide to collecting edible wild fungi species across Britain and Europe.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceMushrooms of Britain and Europe

This indispensable guide to the Mushrooms of Britain and Europe is part of the new Black’s Nature Guide series. Over 450 species of mushroom are covered, each beautifully illustrated with detailed paintings and clear photographs.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceThe Edible Mushroom Book

Explores the world of edible mushrooms from the field to kitchen. Focuses on the best edible fungi, providing failsafe identification notes for over 50 choice varieties, and offers over 50 delicious everyday recipes using specific mushrooms and mixed mushrooms. Ideal for the forager and the foodie.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceMushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe

This guide offers information on observing and identifying 150 of the most commonly encountered fungi species in Britain and Europe, all of which can be recognized without the use of a microscope. A concise description details the main features of each species, which is illustrated by a colour painting. The guide explains how fungi grow, what to look for in each family division and how to make a safe identification.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceMushrooming Without Fear

Clear, highly accessible guide – it cuts out all the mushrooms with gills and reduces the field to a group of readily identifiable, edible mushrooms. It includes clear guidelines, encouraging the reader to read the book twice before going out so that they are confident about the principles it explains.

More Information

Mushroom Diary - mushrooming in south-west Brittany, FranceWild Food

Ray Mears has travelled the world discovering how native people manage to live on just what nature provides. Whats always frustrated him is not knowing how our own ancestors fed themselves and what we could learn about our own diet. We know they were hunter-gatherers, but no-one has been able to tell what they ate day to day. How did they find their calories, week in week out throughout the year? In this book he travels back ten thousand years to a time before farming to learn how our ancestors found, prepared and cooked their food.

More Information

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