Welcome to Mushroom Diary

www.mushroomdiary.com is an ongoing diary of my mushrooming forays in South West Brittany, France. Whilst I intend to concentrate primarily on mushrooms, no doubt other topics will creep in.

This site was originally launched in the Autumn of 2006. The following year I became ill and the site has lain idle until now.

I have recently moved a few miles south of my old mushrooming grounds and am looking forward to discovering new “petits coins”, meeting new friends and comparing our baskets (hopefully all full of delicious wild mushrooms!)

All the best

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One Response to “Welcome to Mushroom Diary”

  1. Pam Says:

    Hi Keith! That is one big mushroom below. Lucky you with the Porcini mushrooms you mentioned on my blog! It’s a wonderful thing and a perfect food to enjoy. You have a great blog filled with all sorts of good information. I especially like the old mushroom books you have and reading about the school kids on your trip to Salem, Ohio. The history is all very interesting and I will be looking around some more!

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