October Mushrooms – 03/10

Encouraged by yesterday’s success, we decided to go out mushrooming again.

Fortunately, the rain stopped and we nipped out.

Just down the lane and around the block; a little foray of about 2 hours (maybe 4 miles?)

Here, the Girlie is being disgusting with a Bolet orangé (Boletus aurantiacus) that we found!

In France, Bolet orangé isn’t often picked as people are scared off by the colour!

That’s a shame as they are very tasty and stand up well to cooking.

I suppose I should add that I am allergic to small examples of this mushroom; anything over four inches, though, has no effect on me?

Yes, we did get wet again but…

We found some gorgeous mushrooms!

Just over a kilo of boletes and about half a kilo of Rosé des prés (Agaricus campestris) from the back garden!

Girlie! Stop being so rude! What would your mother think? A nice little Bay Bolete (just one of the many nice little bay boletes that we collected!)
The Girlie spotted this Cep! Well spotted Girlie! Isn’t she a beauty? And the cep’s not bad either!
Another Bay Bolete hidden away… And another one!

Please click on the photos to see them full size

I know where you’re hiding. I can see you! An Amethyst Deceiver (Laccaria amethystea.) The stems are inedible but the caps taste and look lovely!
After a few miles the basket is beginning to fill up – just look at those lovely ceps! It started raining on the way back. Still an excellent foray, though!

Please click on the photos to see them full size

All the best

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